Vivir el momento

from by Ben Kelly



Now this is kind of interesting and has been a great journey and discovery of a new language for me, Spanish.
On my tours over the last couple of years i have found myself surrounded by new friends all of which have been international travelers,. The interesting bit is that most of them are from Sth American countries, and parts of Europe, Italia, Spain and so on. So i have had a lot of different languages around me at certain times. I have always wanted to travel Sth America and experience the rhythms and culture of the different regions.

To me, some of the hottest music in the world comes from these regions and i've had a long calling to the area. So when my friend Julio (from Argentina) suggested i come to Argentina with him, there was no question, and it is now at the top of my bucket list to travel there.

Knowing the language is different, i decided to start learning the language so i can speak local when i am there. Its been a lot of fun and i am picking up the language quite well and really enjoying the process. One way in which has helped me pick up the language is writing songs in Spanish.

This one, Vivir el momento, is the first complete song i have written in another language. I wrote the words in English (with spannish phrasing in mind) then translated it online, after which i had it checked over by some of my Spanish speaking friends to make any corrections.

Every-time i sing this song, it solidifies the meaning of the words and sentences and has definitely sped up the process of my learning.

I thoroughly enjoy playing this song live and throwing in different rhythms and melodies. Its a great songs to play nice and mellow solo, or with the band playing Latin rhythms, it also gets a room shaking and thumping, and the ladies shaking there hips, got to love any song that does that.


from 50'000 People, released February 3, 2015



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Ben Kelly Melbourne, Australia

Ben Kelly is an Australian Singer/Song-writer, Guitarist and multi instrumentalist. Born in Qld, based in Melbourne.

Ben is a musical innovator and creative explorer of music, culture, sound & frequency. Ben plays in what legendary musician 'Prince' described as 'The Golden Frequency", 432hz.
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