The Hello Song (Alt' Version)

from by Ben Kelly



Originally written as a reggae rock piece, on the northern beaches of Sydney, i decided to record this alternative version in alt tuning. Giving it a slight RnB/jazz feel. i really enjoy playing this more chilled out version of the song as much as the original upbeat version.


Hello hello hello hello hello hello,
life is free ,life is free, life is free,
hello hello hello hello hello hello,
i believe, believe in you, i believe in the things you do.

Life is free, you can be who you want to be,
just let go of the things you know,
rise on up to a new state of mind,
just kick back to the sweet sunshine,
let your troubles go from your mind,
and if you cant seam to find your friends,
find some new ones and start again,
sing it out,


and if your down, get on up,
cant hear the sound, turn it up,
and if your lost, get a map,
your feets for dancing your hands for clapping,
i got you and you got me,
the big old bird in the big green tree,
the big old fish in the big blue sea,
the golden sand in between your feet,


the wind is blowin', across the land,
making waves and shifting sand,
the sun is shining, shining down,
now clap ya hands and make some sound,


We got time, all day long,
and we got voices to sing this song,
we got feet to make a stand,
and motorbikes to ride across the land,

I'm a simple a simple guy,
i don't smoke crack but i still get high,
aint no casj, but i still get by,
and i believe in the big blue sky!



from 50'000 People, released February 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Ben Kelly Melbourne, Australia

Ben Kelly is an Australian Singer/Song-writer, Guitarist and multi instrumentalist. Born in Qld, based in Melbourne.

Ben is a musical innovator and creative explorer of music, culture, sound & frequency. Ben plays in what legendary musician 'Prince' described as 'The Golden Frequency", 432hz.
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