A Million Moments

from by Ben Kelly



Hard to put into words, this song is a reflection of myself, my feelings and my perspective at a time of transition and re birth a couple of years back. This song is for anyone and everyone who has ever been and will ever be. To all who have loved so deeply that it hurts to no end, and to those who have let go of ones love even when the pain was unbearable, knowing that these moments need to be set free in order for you to fly.


Ive got this journey to make,
and ill be leaving here real soon,
doesn't matter what goes by,
coz' ill be coming back for you,

a million moments in one day,
but it doesn't seam to show,
i got a million dreams to live,
and a million to let go,

and in your eyes i see it all,
rising up above the sun,
it doesn't matter if i go,
it only matters that you come,

As time slips by i start again,
but everything gets in the way,
but ill be loving you tomorrow,
just like I'm loving you today,

the sorrow hasn't quite kicked in,
its already been and gone,
although i don't know where you've been,
I know where your coming from,

and in this time of mess and haze,
we got to hold our spirits high,
hold the children in our arms,
as the tears fall from the sky,

Its doesn't matter what has been,
it only matters whats to come,
and it will all be sinking in,
as I watch the setting sun.....

It'll all be sinking in,
as i watch the setting......sun


from 50'000 People, released February 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Ben Kelly Melbourne, Australia

Ben Kelly is an Australian Singer/Song-writer, Guitarist and multi instrumentalist. Born in Qld, based in Melbourne.

Ben is a musical innovator and creative explorer of music, culture, sound & frequency. Ben plays in what legendary musician 'Prince' described as 'The Golden Frequency", 432hz.
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