50'000 People

by Ben Kelly

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This is music from the depths of my heart. Honest, simple, real reflections through music as I traverse this life. Its recorded in 432hz which i find a much more calming and soul restoring frequency for music. Have a listen for yourself and see how you find it. I hope you enjoy this music and if you do, please share it with your friends and family.


released February 3, 2015

Created by humans, or so were lead to believe. For humans and all others.

Graphic design by my mate Janet Croll - www.janetcroll.com

Photo by my mate Jason Rosewarne - www.jrosewarne.500px.com



all rights reserved


Ben Kelly Melbourne, Australia

Ben Kelly is an Australian Singer/Song-writer, Guitarist and multi instrumentalist. Born in Qld, based in Melbourne.

Ben is a musical innovator and creative explorer of music, culture, sound & frequency. Ben plays in what legendary musician 'Prince' described as 'The Golden Frequency", 432hz.
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Track Name: Chop Wood
No Lyrics.
Track Name: 50'000 People
This one goes out to you,
Welcome to an unbelievably amazing world,
your world, my world, our beautiful world,
What if you could do anything you dream...well you can,

What are your dreams?
Where do you really want to be?

If you could do one thing today, to bring you closer to your dreams,
what would it be?
If you could reach out someone right now, who would it be?
what would it mean to them?
what would it mean to you?
Would it be...
a love,
a friend,
a parent or sibling?
50'000 people?
That you could hold in your heart,
Every single person in the world,
equally as fragile and powerful as the next,
transcending all barriers,
Love and evolve,
to a higher frequency,
and dance,
like a bird flies,
like you've never danced before,
your heart overflowing with love and gratitude,
a sense of peace,
50'000 people,
one world, one consciousness,
one heart beat,
an age of reason,
a message to the world,
we love the world,
peaceful world,
of Light,
together we make the world,
the place to be,

I am, you are, we are,
the same as the sun,the moon, the Earth, the clouds,
a waterfall, a black hole, a memory a dream,
a conscious particle, you are the maker of the world,
you are consciousness,
creating moments in time and space,
an endless ocean of possibilities.
Track Name: The Hello Song (Alt' Version)
Hello hello hello hello hello hello,
life is free ,life is free, life is free,
hello hello hello hello hello hello,
i believe, believe in you, i believe in the things you do.

Life is free, you can be who you want to be,
just let go of the things you know,
rise on up to a new state of mind,
just kick back to the sweet sunshine,
let your troubles go from your mind,
and if you cant seam to find your friends,
find some new ones and start again,
sing it out,


and if your down, get on up,
cant hear the sound, turn it up,
and if your lost, get a map,
your feets for dancing your hands for clapping,
i got you and you got me,
the big old bird in the big green tree,
the big old fish in the big blue sea,
the golden sand in between your feet,


the wind is blowin', across the land,
making waves and shifting sand,
the sun is shining, shining down,
now clap ya hands and make some sound,


We got time, all day long,
and we got voices to sing this song,
we got feet to make a stand,
and motorbikes to ride across the land,

I'm a simple a simple guy,
i don't smoke crack but i still get high,
aint no casj, but i still get by,
and i believe in the big blue sky!

Track Name: The River Song
The River Song.

Its a no-where plan were driving,
and a no where land were living in,
but it doesn't matter what they say,
we can change this no-where plan today,

and its no-where time were saving,
in a no-where town in the pouring rain,
we got something some-where, im sure,
but it doesn't matter at all,

and its now or never baby,
we got time so lets go waist it,
doesn't matter where were going,
we got time so lets keep rolling on,
and the rain is falling slowly,
as the river just keeps rolling on,
just keeps rolling on,
just keeps rolling on,
just keeps rolling on,
and the rain is falling slowly,
as the river just keeps rolling on,

Repeat from top.
Track Name: Travelling
Track Name: Carry Water
Track Name: Sassafras
Track Name: A Million Moments
Ive got this journey to make,
and ill be leaving here real soon,
doesn't matter what goes by,
coz' ill be coming back for you,

a million moments in one day,
but it doesn't seam to show,
i got a million dreams to live,
and a million to let go,

and in your eyes i see it all,
rising up above the sun,
it doesn't matter if i go,
it only matters that you come,

As time slips by i start again,
but everything gets in the way,
but ill be loving you tomorrow,
just like I'm loving you today,

the sorrow hasn't quite kicked in,
its already been and gone,
although i don't know where you've been,
I know where your coming from,

and in this time of mess and haze,
we got to hold our spirits high,
hold the children in our arms,
as the tears fall from the sky,

Its doesn't matter what has been,
it only matters whats to come,
and it will all be sinking in,
as I watch the setting sun.....

It'll all be sinking in,
as i watch the setting......sun